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I made Orianna for a video game convention in my town, "Lvl Up"; it was great, I got to meet amazing cosplayers, and most people went with LoL cosplays.
This used to be my favorite Orianna skin (back in 2015 when we didn't have Heartseeker or Darkstar) and I thought that it was the perfect time to cosplay her (with the heat and everythin).
The robot parts were made with eva foam, the blue leggins and socks were bought, the vest and cap were made by a seamstress, fabric is "dublin".
The poro ball is a huge kids toy, that was painted with spray paint, and its parts were also made with foam.
I lost the back part of the costume in the same convention, and the "skirt" part was also torn when I was cleaning my room.


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Series League of Legends
Character Orianna
Variant Winter Wonder Orianna


gypsy_girl Very cute.