LiliAvacyn as Princess Cadence

Princess Cadence

My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic

Gold Dress

Cosplayer: LiliAvacyn
I wanted to cosplay from MLP, since I adore the show...I knew immediately that I wanted to cosplay one of the Alicorn princesses...but Celestia and Luna have been done so well by others that I wanted to give a lesser-known character some love. When I saw Cadence, I loved her story arc, and her background with Twilight Sparkle (who is my favorite of the Mane Six), so it was really a no-brainer!

I really didn't like Cadence's wedding gowns or the hairstyles that went with them, so I based the costume on an image I saw of her with a golden swirly-type dress and gold bridle ( I made the main dress pink to represent her fur color but added the back skirt in gold for a splash of princess elegance.

I made almost everything...I did not make the horn + ears [they are from Yaya Han's online store], the boots or the thigh-highs. I also did not assemble the wings, but I did paint them pink and purple, added the fluff at the top and re-rigged them so they could be mounted with unseen straps as opposed to shoulder ones.

The dress itself is two pieces: a sleeveless top which is fully lined and laces up in the back, and a separate waterfall skirt. The top comes to a bias tape-edged point to accommodate the belt, which is made with gold lame and interfacing. I hand-cast the jewel in the center of the belt and the one in the crown (this was my first experiment with resin). The belt is meant to represent her cutie mark and for the crown, I added the jewel to just to spruce up the otherwise plain design.

The wig started as a pink wig, a blonde wig and purple extensions. I cut the blonde wig into strips of wefts and sewed it in layers into the pink one, then cut the purple extensions off of their mini-clips and sewed them in, too. The horn and ears attach with elastic, but I replaced the original black elastic with white, which I then painted in an ombre purple-pink combo (same as the wings) to help it blend into the wig better. The crown is backed with slightly lighter interfacing than the belt, with wires for support, and pins into the wig.

The wings, as mentioned earlier, were originally white. I painted them with watered-down fabric paint, added the fluffy feathers to the top (when I painted the top of the wings, the fluffy feathers there got matted and gross-looking), and cut off the shoulder straps. I then used corset-boning, Wonderflex and elastic to make a new rig which slides into the top part of the dress and ties around my torso (similar to how my Rosetta wings work).

I do have a tail which can't really be's made with sparkle netting in ombre pink, purple and ivory. I created it by making them into spiral-cut ruffles and attaching them to the back skirt. The back skirt is terribly's gold swirl fabric lined in gold casa lining-type satin and edged in very large lace trim.

I kind of rushed to finish this for a contest on DA, because I don't plan to debut it for another week or so ;)