Alexstrasza the life Binder

World of Warcraft



AFter my Yoko Garlock I swore I'd never make anything that skimpy again, but after seeing Alexstrasza's design I couldn't resist.

I only had about 1,5 week with my job to work on this, so there was no time for material research or testing etc. The quality is not as good as I wanted because of the rush, and as I ran out of time it's missing some detail someone familiar with her design might spot right away.

The costume is now finished though.

The armorparts are simply cardboard covered with fabric, the goldborders are mostly matressfoam and some campingmatress covered with goldspandex. The clothing parts; top and the pant(ie)s are interior felt covered with fabric. The horns are sculpted from polyurethanefoam and covered with paper and gesso. Gems are resin casts, and the claws soft foam and paperclay.
All in all I bought about 35€ worth of materials for this costume, making a record in my cosplay-shoe-budget with 0,85€. Everything else I had ready at home, like the resin which I normally use for other purposes. The gold spandex as a fabric was a bit more expensive, but I bought it long ago for General Cosplay Purposes, and didn't use all in this costume.


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Series World of Warcraft
Character Alexstrasza the life Binder


Lelana Turning €35 worth of materials into such an amazing Alexstrasza cosplay is just awesome. Mad props to you :)

sephygoth No comments on this one? I know you said you rushed it, but all the spare and low cost parts look like you spent a bunch on it, so it's definatly the talent there! What you DID looks great and you make it hot. I don't play wow, but I know the getups are tough, skimpy or not. ^^