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This was one of my hardest cosplays to make, for one I did it alone without help from my mom, and two the petals were frustrating as heck to get right. I also gave up on sewing gloves and bought some which I then altered. Any questions feel free to PM me.

~Materials~ (cost so far $158)
- Wig: ebay $14
- Earrings: ebay $2
- Socks: ebay $10
- Shoes: ebay $12 (added velcro and ribbon for design)
- Dress and hair Bows and lace: value village $4
- Yellow shirt $7
- Red Ribbon $3
- Red Bias Tape $5
- White gloves $6
- Simplicity pattern 4015
- 2.5 M Pink material
- 2 M white material
- Pink Zipper
- Pink thread, 2 white thread, red thread (4 for $1)
- Red flower buttons
- White oval jewels ($5)

Air Dry Clay: $10 (soul gem egg)
Oven Baked clay (in my stash)
Gold Paint: $3
Black paint: $2
Styrofoam Egg/ball $3
Tea Cup and Saucer $4

Bow and Arrow:
Coat hangers, foam tube ($1), Rose ($5), Dowel ($1), masking tape ($4), clay

Kyubey plush:
White zipper, .5 m white material, red felt, yellow felt, pink paint, pattern online, fabric scraps for eyes


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Series Puella Magi Madoka Magica
Character Madoka Kaname
Variant Magical Girl


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