Mortal Kombat



All credit for creating this costume go to Hikari-Katsu! I saw pictures of this cosplay online and absolutely had to have it, so I tracked her down and bought it from her. It is the most accurate, beautiful rendition I have ever seen for MK 9! You can find her at http://dawnarts.deviantart.com/ or FB (https://www.facebook.com/pages/Hikari-Kat-Cosplay/465068403525163)!


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Last Updated 7 years ago
Created 7 years ago
Series Mortal Kombat
Character Jade
Variant MK 9


Hikari-Katsu Ahahaha no problem Kristen!! =) I put the link to your profile too for other people can see your photos!!! =3

Pr1nc3ssKr1st3n I didn't realize you had a profile here! I'll have to check to see if there is a way I can link this costume to you to credit you. I am so thankful that you sold it to me. I am in love with it. It really is a work of art!

Hikari-Katsu Hi Kristen! I'm glad you could fix the costume in time! =) I'm so happy to sold the costume to you because you look amazing with it! =3

Pr1nc3ssKr1st3n Yes, that was me! I was in the Gangnam Style video from Dragon*Con as well! Thanks so much. I had the best time cosplaying her. I can't wait to have a photoshoot done for some better pictures.

Safe-T-Man Hey Kr1st3n :) I think I saw you in a YouTube video called "Dragoncon 2012 with Nerd Reactor" at about the 3:15 mark. I'd add the link here, but i don't know if the rules allow it. Anywho, your Jade persona looks like a total butt kicker! Have a great weekend! Eric