Sairu-Chan as Konan


Naruto: Shippūden

Cosplayer: Sairu-Chan
Status: Retired

When I started cosplaying, Naruto was at it's peak. I didn't watch the show or collect the manga as religiously as my friends did, however I still wanted to join them and cosplay with them. There was at least 3 characters I found the most interesting to me and yes, Konan was one of them. Something kind of clicked when I first saw her, so the first Naruto-cosplay was born! I have so many good memories cosplaying her, like the whole mother/daughter -dynamic we had with this Sakura cosplayer I was good friends with. It was our headcanon and we would write fanfics about it even, heh. Not only that, but I also felt good cosplaying her, Konan was after all my comfort character back in those days, I made so many artworks of her, doodle her on my notebooks and watch so many amv's and animation memes of her. I have sold the cloak and the top has been a fabric donor for my future projects to come, but I was thinking if I should remake this costume? After all, the character is very nostalgic to me. We'll see.