Tia Halibel/Harribel


Halibel is my 3rd favourite character from Bleach( after Grimmjow and Neliel). I always wanted to cosplay her,and now...TADAM! X3

Okay,my skin is not brown because the weather was f*cking hot!!!! X___x and I didn't want to my skin-painting melt down. X"D
(and yep, the zanpakuto is missing but I didn't have enough time,and I have!had a lot of other cosplay &gt;.< gomenasaiii! so...this cosplay is just...86% &gt;.< )

But I hope u like it ^^"
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Series Bleach
Character Tia Halibel/Harribel

slayer500 thats epic

jovanturner123 Awseom halibel cosplay was it difficult?