Final Fantasy X



Yay, my boobies make a debut \o/ sir Hiki got an obsession on Auron so we decided to form a little group-cosplay of FFX with AanZku as Rikku. Lulu's so dark, gothic and extremely hot &gt;///< I hope I'll get to that level with the outfit X'D lol.

Only some minor fixes and doll needs to be done.

Making of it was a bit time-consuming, but we're happy with the results. What surprised us was that I actually need fillings to the waist-hip-section. I'm not even kidding, I've lost weight so much that if we only put the corset on, my hip-bones stand out and make the area look all...edgey and weird. I never thought that this day would come 8'D thank god my boobs haven't lost that much stuff, it would've been worse.

If anyone is interested in asking about making of this outfit or exchanging tips, I'm happy to share some information :)


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Series Final Fantasy X
Character Lulu


MrsKatUSMC Definitely interested in what patterns you used to create this!