Lisa Garland / Red Nurse

Silent Hill (movie)



EDIT: Holy Crap! So over the last few months, I've gotten super motivated to get fit, and have lost about 25 pounds and 2 dress sizes. To celebrate, I just had to break out Lisa again. She's a blast to wear, and I wanted to see how different I would look in pictures. So if you see a difference in body and face shape (I always gain/lose pudge in my face first) between the first set of pictures and the newer ones, that's why. And yes, the purpose of this edit was about 85% "look at me, I lost weight, isn't that awesome." So what?

So this was a fairly last minute costume that began when my intended AWA costume fell through. Much of it (the sweater, shoes, and nurse gown) were bought and altered. The shoes were initially silver, so I painted them red. The Nurse uniform is a basic Halloween nurse outfit, tea stained and burned in places to make it less clean. The sweater I found at the local thrift store. It was connected in the middle so I just cut it. I didn't bother to make it a clean cut, because Lisa spends all of her time in a dingy hospital room with Alessa. No need to make anything clean cut. The hat is a cut up T-shirt and some hot glue (I told you it was last minute. The wig I borrowed from my roomie. Looove that wig.

The makeup was my first real go at scars and wounds. In general I'm pretty happy with it. In the future I might be a little less frugal with the blood. You can always use more blood. ;) The base of the cuts is wax, covered in various red shades of Kryolan aquacolors. I swear by that makeup. It's fantastic. The blood is Mehron, which is also lovely. It never dried up, and very slowly dribbled down my face over the course of the day.

In the future, I definitely plan to wear hose. Not to mention, I will be taping my boobs into that dress with some serious vigor. They were very uncooperative in that cleavage-loving dress...

Does any of that make sense? I'm very tired...


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Series Silent Hill (movie)
Character Lisa Garland / Red Nurse


Rejiclad Thrilling cosplay, you are very talented! :)