Kirin Armor

Monster Hunter Freedom Unite



This beautiful outfit was made for me by my amazing friend Renee of Red Star ^_^

My thundersword was commissioned through the awesome meanlilkitty on here :)

I was talked into a Monster Hunter group awhile ago, but the group fell apart. I decided to go ahead and get this outfit done to wear by myself anyway!

It was well received at Otakon 2011 :) So I cannot wait to wear it more!
Now if only I could find a felyne...


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Last Updated 8 years ago
Created 8 years ago
Series Monster Hunter Freedom Unite
Character Kirin Armor


Ammie This costume looks incredible!!!! Awesome cosplay!!!! And of course you look gorgeous as always :)

StrawhatKaizoku I had the pleasure of seeing this at Otakon and it is even more impressive in person. :3 loved it.

Mr. Robot Incredible costume! Your staff is straight up amazing! Hope it's made out of something light, lol.