Emelia Levitt




A third version to my steampunk cosplay (: still a sort of work in progress.

This one was slightly thrown together, and I liked the result, but I definitely want to improve on the overall look in the future.

The white top was one of my mom's old button-ups i found in the closet that was big and baggy. She had made me a pirate shirt but it didn't fit quite right: the old button-up was better. I kept the sleeves up with hairties (that sounds so... blech. i'm definitely making this better). The corset was an old old old piece that someone had made for me, but we had to patch it up. My mom hammered the eyelets/grommets/whatever they're called so that they'd stay in place because they were falling apart and resized it because it wasn't fitting well. I am currently looking into purchasing an actual corset for this.

The sash was a lovely bit of fabric I found. It was just hemmed and tied around my waist (: the shorts were purchased a local store, as well as the hat.

The feathers, choker, goggles, necklaces, belts, accessories, tights, and rings were all previously used trinkets that I sprinkled over the outfit. The only newness is that I revamped my goggles (although a piece fell off prior to the shoot and I hadn't noticed) and bought a new pocketwatch. Also, I wore different earrings, but that's not all that important :P

For the next time I wear this, I'm hoping to have a more proper pirate top with the perfect sleeves, an underbust corset, and knee/thigh boots (not sure which). I also may or may not keep the shorts in exchange for black pants. Accessory wise, I hope to add a compass and maybe some pouches onto my belt. Always a work in progress.


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Series Steampunk
Character Emelia Levitt
Variant Pirate


Lurrdoc I really love this cosplay. Its so original, creative and fresh! It certainly made me think about cosplaying as steampunk. :)