Garnet til Alexandros xvii

Final Fantasy IX



Well, I'm actually really happy with this costume. My mom and I actually did this together. We had to do a LOT of research and make a few compromises (because reality doesn't always mix well with fantasy!), but it's beautiful and I love it. It took a good two months of work to get it completely finished. She had to put a zipper in the back, because that's how it would get on and off. The gloves are by the far my favorite part. They look EXACTLY like hers, including looking 'grimy'. They're incredible. We're also working on a staff and I'm thinking of trying to find a different necklace to match hers more. But it's really just a few little things are this point that we're working on it.


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Series Final Fantasy IX
Character Garnet til Alexandros XVII


thunderfirewolf Ah! I'm so sorry! I just saw this D: And unfortunately, no. We actually didn't use a pattern for it.

PennyLane Oh my goodness! do you still have the pattern for the outfit? Im trying to make one myself but I have no clue where to start.