White Rabbit Lolita

Alice in Wonderland



This costume was QUITE an undertaking. It was patterned from scratch and made in such a unique hodge podge of situations and times (different sewing machines and cities).

The design was made by Tyler Brown for his senior project. His senior project was his designs of Lolita inspired Alice and Wonderland costumes that his friends help assemble into cosplay reality. I of course was assigned the White rabbit and such began the steam-lolita-THING.

There are several touches to the design that I made (I regret to say were made without his permission) but I hardly doubt he minded or noticed XD. I added a few details like chains and altered the design only slightly (say from a belt in the back of the coat to a bow).

I had planned several photo shoots that weekend as opportunity to get pictures. Unfortunately that particular Friday was poring down rain, so we took shelter in the home of my photographers parents. This surprisingly turned out to be rather perfect for the costume and a photoshoot was DID. And it was fantastic!

Linkys of the photog Here: http://angelkyte.deviantart.com/


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Character White Rabbit Lolita


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