Sweet Tooth

Twisted Metal

This is my Sweet tooth costume from the Twisted metal game series. This is by far one of my favorite costumes. It was actually pretty simple to make.

The chest harness was made from folded-over Gorrilla tape, Scotch tape and 2 steel rings from Lowes. The pants are white sweat pants from Dicks Sporting goods. The pink circles were drawn on with pink and black sharpie markers.

I found the mask at a Halloween store, but I had to repaint it so it looked more like Sweet tooth. The mask was also glued to a plastic facemask, so I had to peel it from that. The red hair on the sides is the fur from a shag rug. First I cut the fur from the rug, then I added red-colored spiking hairglue to it. When the hairglue dried, I hotglued it to the mask.

I also had to sew a new fabric strap to the mask because the old one was attached to the plactic facemask and was just an elastic string. So I cut a piece of fabric strap from some old gym equipment and sewed that to the mask .

The wig is from another clown mask I found at Halloween time, I cut the hair from the original mask and glued it to a latex skinhead wig and added a little hairgel to keep the hair up.

The finger gloves were also bought at Dicks sporting goods and the knife was bought at a Halloween store
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Series Twisted Metal
Character Sweet tooth

ForestOwlMei This is just great, I used to play this game once in a while. Never saw anyone else cosplay this before so more power to you! ^_^

AkiJudaichan That's going to give me nightmares, good job. :D

Ends Beginning Yes Yes Yes A million times Yes! Best Sweet Tooth ever!

MaiCosplay Damn this is so pro dude.

KitsuneKitty I think I saw you at matsuricon! you looked awesome!

GracefulNightingale This is absolutely terrifying! XD You make one hellaciously awesome psychotic clown! XD

konekoanni Scary but in an awesome way.

Heather_Spears I love Twisted Metal! Great Sweet Tooth Cosplay.

dotingly oh this is amazing! ;n; clowns happen to scare me but this is nice and well made!

HimeZelda This is amazing!! Really clever idea for cosplay!! Excellent job!!

Ion Too awesome! I never thought I would see anyone cosplay from this but you did a pretty ballin job here and it looks like you had fun too. Nicely done!

LinkPwnsGanon Wow! I was kinda scared and loved this game! My brother played this guy a lot!

Thearah This is actually totally awesome! Loving the wig!

13Kai-Kai SO creepy! Great Job!

Santana Cosplay That's really great! o_o

Nikineko Looks awesome and still not going to make me like clowns!!!

Tensa Zangetsu I find this rather frightening.

kalasnacks OH MY! This is brilliant!!! <3

Melchiah Awesome! It's a shame there aren't more Twisted Metal people on here.

mentokjebus I loved this series of games. great uncommon cosplay!