Harley Quinn




I did this costume for a friend :)

Most of the items I found in my closet. The skirt I had previously used for Rin so I decided to reuse it. The tutu I've had for a while and the shirts I found in my closet. Most of the accessories I also already had but I did buy a few things to help add more to the costume.

Shoes- I was originally going to wear these cute heeled black bow shoes except I screwed up my feet with another pair of boots for another cosplay :/ So I ended up wearing flats and combat boots for this costume. It saved my feet though.

The hammer I made from scratch. The major parts I used is a poll that is normally used to extend paint rollers, posterboard, electrical tape and a water jug.

The wig I bought from Arda Wigs and it's a beautiful wig. Very good quality.

-Now for a story about the Mask-

Friday when I changed into Harley I found out I could wear my glasses under the mask comfortably and so I did. My mistake was that I didn't try this before the con. The mask was held on by the stretchy string and so by the end of the night where the glasses were on my nose, it began to hurt and left a mark. Needless to say I couldn't do it again Saturday.

That's why the mask looks different in pictures. One day I wore a mask, the other day I painted on a 'mask'.

And that's my story lol.

Worn to Anime Boston 2011


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KitoCosplay Nice Harley!

BisectedBrioche Awesome job with the wig and facepant. Love the hammer prop too.

Roxas666 nice...it turned out really good!