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What a fun and comfortable costume! I started with a and old nightgown pattern because it was yoked, and I have never made a yoke before this costume. It was not difficult. The dress is 100% cotton and breaths wonderfully. I had a little trouble finding the right color blue, but I was diligent. I gathered the dress in at the waist and made two matching belts to go over the gathers. The belts are not clearly shown in the photos though because the apron covers it. However I wanted the dress to look perfectly finished with or without the apron.
I used a scalloped eyelet trim around the collar, as well as a matching scalloped eyelet linen for the apron. This apron came in super handy all weekend. I used it to shield the dress from crumbs, keep my friend’s legs warm, and I held it over my head in the rain! Also, when the bathroom was out of paper towels, I had a functioning apron right there around my waist to use! Hurray!

I even made bloomers and a slip to go under my dress. The bloomers were super comfortable and I plan to use them again under future costumes.

The boots I got from a discount store, brand-new. I love them. With inserts they are super comfortable, and they’re actually in style….whoa.

I bought the wig off of ebay. It is not the highest quality that I’ve ever bought but with a little conditioning and styling it looked great! I cut and styled the wig myself. The clips in the back that hold the wig tight on my head actually broke on the first day of of the con, oops, but fortunately I had secured it with enough pins that it didn’t make a difference. Hey, at least I saved money on the wig, right?

This costume was extremely well received. I was cosplaying in a large Howl’s Moving Castle group and we had about 2500 pictures taken of us in two days. I had a blast, and I was so comfortable all day. It was like being in pajamas. I wasn’t too hot or cold and I could move. It makes me want to do more comfortable, plausibly designed cosplays in the future.

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Series Howl's Moving Castle
Character Sophie Hatter
Variant Blue Dress, Silver Hair


DSChick747 I'm trying to make a Sophie cosplay for my younger sister. Is there any chance you could help me with a pattern for the dress?

Hopie Great group!!

Japanimemusic Yay! You make me so happy! You are really cute and everything is perfect! You are perfect! Thank you for doing this movie justice with your wonderful cosplay.