The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess

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where do I start?

I always loved Link, ever since I played first time OOT at the age of 8. when I first got into cosplay, Link was always in my to-do list.
The only problem was that his green tunic is so over-rated, so I wanted to make one of Link's special outfits.
TP was SO GREAT, and the magic armor uniform looked so good, and I really had the urge to make a cosplay with an armor (because I've never tried it yet), and with these two reasons - my magic armored Link cosplay came to life. :)

All of the costume was made by me. (except the boots and wig, which I also renovated)

cloth - red suede fabric, gold vinyl.
armors - based on sponge. curved for the right angles with iron stripes behind.
crown + belt - foam.
master sword - cardboard.
chainmail - 225 meters of iron stripes that I curled over wooden stick, cut, and placed it all together into a full chainmail shirt. (it is a 4 rings every 1 ring, if you familiar with chainmail building).

that's all! :)

all pictures in this gallery took by Cnaan Ben-Hur and Yanai Yechiel.


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Series The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess
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AikoNoble This costume is great! Very well done! :D <3

princessnavi848 The location looks very similar to the Gerudo Desert/Arbiter's Grounds in Twilight Princess!

ILOVELink22 can u made one to my sister she LOVES Link and me ofcourse 2 but one to her would be fun her size is 11-12 i think and she's 12 ofcourse

Mallory From what I can see from the one picture, it looks really good!