Fleur Delacour

Harry Potter Series



Beauxbatons Academy Champion Fleur Delacour's Beauxbatons School Uniform I as seen in Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire


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Series Harry Potter Series
Character Fleur Delacour


srb I would love to have that costume please mail me at [email protected] thanks

alexlaurel Hi, is there any way you could make this hat for me? I am almost done with my costume, the only thing I still need is a hat. Please email me at [email protected] You're help would be awesome!

Kimmyken hi, are you willing to make the same for me? and how much will it cost including shipping? if you are interested please mail me [email protected] i really love this

KatieAriel love the fact you took pics in Epcot. esp since that HP is a universal thing now XD STICK IT TO THE MOUSE!

Fabulousity WOW!!!!! That's the best Fleur Delacour costume I've ever seen!!! I really want to make a Fleur costume, so do you think you could help me please? I would really like to know how you made the hat, and how you made the dress and capelet. Were patterns involved? Any and all help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance! BTW, great idea going to EPCOT!

Rubyee0908 OMG that's perfect! Where did you get the hat? And did you use a patten for the clothes? I have to make a Fleur costume for a HP Party- any tips would be great!