Misato Katsuragi

Neon Genesis Evangelion



This cosplay went through quite a lot of improvements since I first wore it back in 2004 ^^u Today my choice of fabrics would definitely be different, but I was more or less satisfied with the results the first time... but when I wanted to wear it again 3 years later I realized the dress had to be much more tight (it should've been tighter to begin with, and I lost quite a lot of weight to boot), so my mother and I took care of that. And the last time I wore it, we modified it again so it fitted me even more (and the skirt has been getting shorter and shorter XD).

The boots have been changing from one version to another until I was finally satisfied with the result: I finally got to make covers for them, modifying the tip to be rounder and the height before doing so. I spent 9 years looking for socks in that green color, but in the end I had to dye a pair of white ones XD

I also changed a few minor details such as her black watch, pearl earrings, ID card and my lovely PenPen plush, which was an unexpected birthday present from my friend Shaykow XD

The one that got the biggest makeover was the jacket: this last time I shortened and modified its shape, dyed it a darker shade of red, made the triangles with craft foam instead of fabric (the one on the beret too) and completely remade the collar, cuffs and shoulder pieces.

I'm also pretty happy with the latest wig I used for this costume. It's not the best one out there (a little bit shiny), but the waves are pretty and the color is nice :3 I shortened it, styled the poofy 90's bangs (they didn't stay until the convention, though D:), added the little widow's peak and ta-da~


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