Samurai Champloo

I honestly had no idea I'd even do this costume until a few months before Fanime. I needed a new costume for a different event, since my wig that I needed didn't come in. I figured, I had the hakama, the tabi socks, the white inner shirt, glasses, and waraji that could substitute for zori, so I could pull Jin together quickly with just a blue kimono and some fabric paint, plus some revamping an old wig and painting some beads and the red belt. So that's what I did.

For Fanime, I made it better. I got myself some zori from a friend who couldn't use them anymore. I also put more effort into the bracelet, sanding each bead before painting it so that the paint would stick since they had a finish on them. For the wig I actually sewed the bangs in the front that were too short underneath.

There is a bit I would like to change. I want to re-make the blue kimono because I messed up and it's too small to stay closed well...and I was stupid and made it out of pantweight because it was the best color I could find. =.=; I also want to get myself a new wig when possible, since I retired the one I used for a reason. And I'd also like to get some frames that actually look like his. And swords. It would be nice to have some of my own instead of borrowing from friends.
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Series Samurai Champloo
Character Jin

Callesto Thank you for the comment on my Fuu picture! I wish you had brought your Jin costume to ALA too! I'm a big fan of your Jin (and Ukitake)! ^^

-Ellyz- you're one of the best jin's i've ever seen! *_______* perfect!

BlindCalliope Your Jin is fantastic!

Sana-san Awesome Jin.

manicpanicqueen I love it! You rock as my Captain AND Jin! ;D

HAB!T Ahhh so YOU were the Jin that I saw on the last day! I saw you posing with Mugen and I was so tempted to go change!! Maybe we can plan ahead next time if you are planning on doing Jin again! D: Because I want pictures with Jin!!~

zukiba131 <33333333 i love it!