Claire Redfield

Resident Evil: Degeneration



Oh Jeez I thought this was gonna be a piece of cake.

So as far as reference images go, pah I shoulda just bought the movie, and took still frame shots, THAT would of been better quality then the crap I found on google. But I'm poor and my little desolate town didn't have the movie in stock.

Lets start with my hair, yes it's the wrong color, cry me a river cause personally it's pretty dog gone close. I got the right style, and cut at least.

the Turtle was a biotch to find, but I found on and the neckline had a gaping hole, so I had to fix that but it looks good so whatever. The turtleneck is ribbed, and Claire's isn't, so I need to find an un-ribbed one this winter.

The jacket was altered. I found the perfect top at Kohl's. it was the right color and style it was just made to be like a dress or something idk, anyway I cut it re sewed it only to realize i did it backwards, so I have to resew it, and perfect it. Since it was a dress I had extra fabric, as well as buttons to add on the shoulder things.

The pants were found at Kohl's as well, and I took the seem in to kill the massive flare they had.

The belt was my moms.

The shoes are PERFECT! I got them at walmart when I was like 13 and they were hotpink. I found them in my closet and I was like, "hmmm these would make awesome Claire shoes if they weren't pink...." they were a size 6 and a little tight but sacrifices must be made for a good costume. So I started painting them they were a faux suede so the paint stuck amazingly well.

as for the gun stupid fanime would let me bring in my gun so I only carried it around outside the con. The big bummer was I think the gun took a lot away from my costume I don't think people necessarily thought I was dresed up but whatever, I had like 7 people go whoo hoo Claire! and my day was like made.

I'm busting the costume out again for Dragon*con 09, so if your going hit me up or look for me!

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Series Resident Evil: Degeneration
Character Claire Redfield


Nia_Nageraboshi really good ^^ awesome, I making my Clare costume, from DarkSide Chronicles xD i dont know if anyone will know who i am.. but the photoshoot will be perfect.. cuz´i have find the perfect place (creepy abandonded building) XD

Rose of Battle This costume is awesome! I love all of your photos.