Through recycling, as well as using old art supplies, this costume only cost me $50 (not including make-up).

The fused shadow (headpiece) is mainly constructed out of an old exercise mat that can best be described as a high-density foam.  It had an egg-crate texture, which was fine because doubling it up gave the desired bulky look.  I used Liquid Nails (the kind for foamboard) and Beats the Nail glues to glue the pieces together.  I made the snakes out of foam that I cut with scissors at an angle and used beads for the eyes.  I covered gaps and imperfections in the fused shadow with more of the glue mentioned earlier.  I then primed the whole thing with gray automobile primer and added spritzes of spray paint in cream, black, gold, rust, and silver (I didn't pay much attention to the brands, but Rust-oleum was included). If you don't have a lotta spray paint lying around the best option may be to buy something like this: http://www.acehardwareoutlet.com/(nsyqlr55lnlm5d55inqnqfvv)/productdetails.aspx?sku=1200435. I see something similar at most hardware stores.

The ears and the spikes on the arms are made out of the same foam I used for the fused shadow.  For the ears, I cut out elongated triangles, put glue and strips of more foam in the middle, then bent them into half circles, using scotch tape to secure the shape while the glue dried.  I also used tape to make the tips really pointy by simply rapping it around (when the foam was forced into a specific shape for an extended time it would end up holding that shape on its own once the pressures were removed).  After a few days I unwrapped them, rounded out the edges with scissors and cut out the tattered look on the bottoms.  I glued the ears directly to the fused shadow, then painted them.  

The spikes on the arms were simply flat pieces of foam.  I rounded out the edges so that it didn't have any right angles, and tapered the ends of the triangles where they would meet the suit so that they got thinner and thinner and would be almost flush with my arms.  I secured them with shoe glue, then painted them.

More construction info can be found in my in-progress photo descriptions.

More photos can be found here:  http://www.flickr.com/photos/[email protected]/tags/cosplay/


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Sdk113 I know this forum/costume is old, but could you please post a link of what kind of bodysuit that is? It said you posted the link, but when I go to it, it says that the item is no longer listed. I apolgize.

Layton I just beat Twilight Princess tonight, a friend told me about an awesome cosplay done of Midna, she must have been talking about you because this is amazing, couldn't have been done any better if you ask me. :)

jericho29 i also would like to know if this costume is for sale :)

megangiggles8 is it for sale theres a convention coming up it would be my first :3

EmmaInCandyland hey may i know if you make and sell midna stone stuff xD! ? :D i would love to have one, ive tried to make one, was not successful ._. ! thanks n_n

Baudette I love this costume of yours! I saw you at AX07 and fawned over you because I think I had just beaten the game. :)

josue everardo Originally Posted by josue everardo pretty young hey hello eh seen your photos in this paguina and I am made an impression of as much beauty in you, would want to be able to continue speak with you and because I leave my mail [email protected] you so that you respond ok to me girl bye bye take care and i wait for your answer. kindly the your best one fan Joshua!

ZenwielderKid That helmet is overwelming to someone like little ol' me...

SleeplessDreams That's one amazing Midna costume! I'm going to try to make one next year. I'm a little wary about making the helmet. I'm afraid it'll turn out all disproportional. I hope it looks as great as yours!

arikata wow that's wonderful, mind if i ask what you used for the suit?

crossingback looks fantastic. What did you do for the suit?

Divisionary Excellent Midna Costume!!!