Makoto Miki

The World Ends with You



I did this cosplay based on a request. A group of my friends were doing a big TWEWY photoshoot and they wanted a few more characters. Makoto was recommended to me and I thought "why not?" I wanted to do the white suit version, but I didn't have one so I went with the black. I found a nice blue tie and fixing my hair was easy. also it was nice to borrow a red skull pin for various shoots, thanks Deb.

The other TWEWY cosplayers like my cosplay. Since I'm not a major character I'm not super recognizable going solo, but I do like showing off the pin and looking cool.

I really like going around as Makoto, he isn't the most recognized char4acter from TWEWY, but he is fun to cosplay as. It also gives me a good excuse to wear a suit and hang out with my friends.


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Series The World Ends with You
Character Makoto Miki


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