Sailor Jupiter

Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon



Made entirely with hot glue- no sewing involved.

This costume has been re-vamped two times now- first, I re-made the skirt, top, and choker with satin fabric to match my best friend's, who you see here as Saturn. Her costume was also made entirely with hot glue. Second, I re-did the bows to make the costume more Anime, less art book. I think it turned out nicely. ^_^

The Glaive was constructed using wood, styrofoam, and paperclay. Paperclay is the shit. :-D

Definitely my favorite costume!! :-D

P.S.- I am in the process of re-vamping it again, so stay tuned!! :D


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Last Updated 9 years ago
Created 10 years ago
Series Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon
Character Sailor Jupiter
Variant Original (Basic)


vanna116 great jupiter!

Makoto-Sama W0w! You made that whole fuku out of hot glue?! It looks great! You've gotta teach me how to make a fuku w/ hot glue! Love it, keep up the good work!

Calvinl08 very beautiful ^^

Paigey SO HAWT ;)