Sheryl Nome

Macross Frontier



DARN YOU SHERYL~! I am obsessed with the new outfits and therefore adding the mass of the ones I want to do to my list xDDD

This is an epic outfit, and for once, the materials are super easy to find and create~

White Top: modified a top I found with a similar shape, cut bottom half off and used it to make the sleeves. Elastic at the waist and in the arm bands.

Skirt and Vest: blue cotton, used a new look 6839 pattern for the vest and made a lot of adjustments. four gold buttons, and good old bias tape helped xD

Pink Petticoat and Bow: pink cotton, matching bias tape, elastic and button closure. Umm, own circle skirt pattern.

Cowboy Hat: I LOVE YOU RICKY'S!!!! Red 1 inch ribbon, white heart shaped belt buckle, painted gold.

Gloves: self made pattern, used red elastic to make trim and red. . cord? four gold buttons and velcro.

Boots: done; modified a pair of wedged heels, took off lots of belts xD painted it red, hand painted hearts and wedge, then set the paint with clear glaze. Added hanging tassels (red pleather) and beads to finish off boot details.

Thigh Highs: bought a pair of tights I cut into thigh highs, sewed on the lace garter thing i made just like in the art book (and soooo happy I did b/c i didn't have to worry about them slipping/falling down at all~)

Belt Holster and Toy Gun: holster made of blue. . .I don't know what is it xD (some plastic type material), used eyelets, gold button, belt buckle and end. . .thing xD Toy cowboy gun bought, painted two shades of pink, little chain heart made of pleather and painted gold attached to a gold string.


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Series Macross Frontier
Character Sheryl Nome
Variant Cowboy (Welcome to my Fan Club's Night)


Narnian Cute cosplay!

KitsuneCagalli Thanks so much guys~!

Yuurisans looks good so far!

Rayearthblue looks great!

Hoshikorosu Ahhh Kitsune, you're such an amazing Sheryl ~~! 8D. The costume looks great.