Alright, I'll admit, I loved wearing this costume. It was very easy to make (surprisingly, as I didn't follow the pattern entirely). And of course it never hurts that I adore the character. She's just cute and really sweet. I also had blue contacts in to complete the costume. The only thing that I'd say bothered me about this costume was that all the wig ever wanted to do was get tangled. &gt;.< So I got a new one and am working on keeping it as straight and as neat as I possibly can. I originally debuted the costume at my school's Cosplay Cafe, but as for the first Con debut, it was Anime USA 2009.

I most recently got to wear this cosplay to Katsucon 16, which was a ton of fun. I had a blast participating in the Yu-Gi-Oh! photoshoot there too. And yeah! I finally have pictures of this up! I should have more pictures coming soon too. ^_^ Hope you like it!


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Series Yu-Gi-Oh!
Character Kisara
Variant Season 5 part 2


Katsuya-danna I love the icon for this! <3 :]