Shari R'Vek as Rajaion


Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn

Cosplayer: Shari R'Vek
Like last year with Nasir, I made this expecting a whole Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn group which in the end didn't make it save for a lone Ranulf, who's NOTORIOUSLY in close bonds with the Goldoa princes... X°D
That, and the fact that Rajaion (the older of the three brothers, who became Ashnard's mount due to twisted experiments by Izuka and died at the end of Path of Radiance) appears in only one artwork through the whole Radiant Dawn, didn't help much with the recognizability of the cosplay; still, incredibly, unlike Nasir I was recognized two times with some help °°

I am exceedingly satisfied with this cosplay; it resembles closely the original artwork and was great to wear. The shirt with the zip is also one of the first "complete" dresses I've made. Unfortunately the paint on the boots continued to take off the more I walked (and I walked A LOT), until by the end of the day the tip was nearly as it was before I painted it. But nonetheless I've managed to take a lot of great photos.