Kisuke Urahara




Nothing terribly fancy. I decided to try doing a Bleach costume cause I was really into the series at the time. Feelin' kinda sad that the series degraded into a fairly typical shonen anime with the typical "invincible" main character. Kisuke's cooler than he is anyway... all snide and condescending from the background. Plus he gets Yoruichi. So go Mr Shopkeeper!

Uhm, aside from that, construction was fairly typical aside from my usual procrastination. Initial debut had the costume at only 95% completion, but it's presently 100%. Currently looking to get some new geta for it and craft some actual weapons.

Fabric - Can't Remember, lost recipts
Base Pattern - McCall's M2940
Notes - Hat was purchased


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Series Bleach
Character Kisuke Urahara
Variant Standard


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