Jubilee!!! Everyone dance with me! ok spring dance concert 03 memories. I look like I'm gonna go clean a toilet. I just wish at the time I had the right wig... I do now. Anywayz... yay for our big yummy X-Men group at CC03! I had so much fun doing this with everyone. This really made Comic Con 03 awesome. Lots of love and thanks to: Scott, Robert, Qui, Joe, Jason, Vincent, Alexis, Bri, and KT! You guys rock XD. Me, Qui, Alexis, Bri, and KT make up the Instant Cosplay.
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Character Jubilation

carladawn So awesome!! I saw this pic when I was googling Colossus. You all look amazing.

Truest_Strike Jubilee! Woot! xD Awesome!

AbsurdRogue I can't remember... My memory is very hazy... Is this the fireworks chick from the animated series? Or am I remembering someone completely different ><?