Joachim Armster

Castlevania: Lament of Innocence



this costume was pulled out of thin air in less than 2 weeks. and while that may be great bragging points, i would not reccomend the stress that brings! i pierced my ears specifically for this costume(not fun either). i also made his earrings and belly chain myself.

the filigre pattern you see on the shirt, sleeves, and bottom of the jacket, is all hand-done. it was made by taking about 4 different stamps, and creating an intricate pattern, then going over it with sharpie marker to darken the outlines. watering down some ink and placing a light stamp over the pattern gave it depth and shadow. this alone took 2 days to do.
the chest piece and boot covers are made out of fun foam, couch vinyl, and floor vinyl parts. the armoured boot caps are aluminum metal, so i clanked when i walked X-). theyre not 100%, but i'm more than happy with the way they turned out. :)

a very big thank you to my friends who helped with this costume, so that it would be done on time. Syd (username: atldirtypunk) and her boyfriend did an amazing job on the chest piece and the rest of the costume itself, so thank youuuuu!! :)

*edit* holy fizoli, a showcase!? that's awsome! thanks everybody. :D


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Series Castlevania: Lament of Innocence
Character Joachim Armster


rasgar Joachim is my all-time favorite Castlevania character. Your work is amazing! Great job, and thank you for giving Joachim the respect he deserves!

rayna Absolutely awesome!

Gentleman Awesome castlevania cosplay! *thumbs up*

Claeris I loved Joachim!!!!! I'm so glad someone did this cosplay. It looks amazing! Great job!

Lucifer Very good work!

chenmeicai Whoaa! Found yah at Showcased Costumes. Very well done, Nav! Loved your Lili costume, loved this even more. Keep it up. :)

~FatalDreams~ Whoot, I am a HUGE Castlevania fan, so I love this cosplay. Very nice work! *flail*

NiGHTmaren Congrats on showcase, your craftsmanship is impecible!

Geister Totally awesome job!!! Great Work!!

Nekrophil Great work. You make a very handsome Joachim. I like to see your love for details