Squall Leonhart (SeeD Uniform)

Final Fantasy VIII

@II Squall II


...Just reach me out then
You will know that you're not dreaming ♥


@II Squall II
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Series Final Fantasy VIII
Character Squall Leonhart (SeeD Uniform)
Variant SeeD Uniform


slarson802 Also, think it is adorable that you and your gf coordinate cosplays together. you guys look great!

SkyIkao Perfect couple <3

Kohaku^^ Wow! Very beautiful photos ^_^ You have very good look ^.~

xRika89x Tu e Giulia siete stupendi** E dire che io non mi sono mai interessata a FF VIII (ho giocato dal IX in poiXD) però voi mi avete fatto amare troppo questa coppia ç.ç

Hopie You and your Rinoa are adorable together! =]