Lenali Lee/Rinali Li




I swear I've remade those damn bootcovers at least three times.

I really happy with a lot of things on this though, especially the designs on the back and the sleeves. Oh jeeze the sleeves ;u; Just getting the bias tape to curve like that and still look good was a miracle. I had also initially made the sleeves too small at the top but was able to manage saving them without having to remake them or toning the hell out of my arms. Not to mention they're so slimming lol

This was my first time making any sort of pants. It was a struggle! Especially with pleather being my fabric of choice.

The belts have trouble staying up, especially when I move around a lot because I cut them the way the pleather stretched so not only can they not fit snugly >.> They're also fairly slippery when its pleather on top of pleather.

This is possibly my favorite cosplay construction wise, Id really love to get a group together and take pictures one day c:


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Series D.Gray-man
Character Lenali Lee/Rinali Li
Variant 2nd uniform


Viveeh Wow, great Lenalee cosplay!