The wig was a biyatch! It was heavy and kept slipping the entire night. My husband constructed it mostly (civil engineering student..loves this type of stuff). It's made out of a hat, chicken wire, an old t-shirt, about 7 or 8 packs of hair extensions (I forget the brand and color), fishing line, hot glue, and hair spray.

The costume is only half done because we ran out of time. We wore the costumes with jeans on the bottom. I also didn't get a chance to zig zag stitch the "R" (it's made from the back side of red satin and adhered with an iron transfer). I did most of the sewing, but hadn't sewed in so long so it's not very well made. The gloves were handmade terribly because, again, ran out of time. I bought the lipstick for a dollar from the dollar store and also got the earrings there and painted them green. If I had more time I definitely would have used the glove pattern I had, finished the bottoms, finished making our pokeballs and either would have bought thigh high boots or made thigh high boot covers. My husband wants to redo everything from scratch, though. He's such a perfectionist.


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msheaven Awesome!!! you did well with the hair!