DcastEye as Amewarashi



Black Dress

Cosplayer: DcastEye
I really like the costume since Amewarashi is one of the my favourite characters, and I just have go get at better petticoat that holds up the dress better. ^^

The dress is made of a black nylon/polyester/something thin fabric, and got satin ribbons and cotton lace attached.

The wig is a modified Vocaloid wig. The pony clips are shorted and I styled the sides and shortened the base wig.

The gloves are vintage, shoes and socks bought. The white lace umbrella was borrowed from a friend.

Update July '11:
Petticoat fixed. Lots of chiffon and more tulle added.
I found a vintage umbrella too which I have added cotton lace. I like the umbrella even thou it's brown, but it is so old that I would feel bad replacing the fabric until it won't work any more.
Also got a proper shoot, even thou I forgot my umbrella so I improvised with the fan. :)