Dark Goddess Althena

Lunar: Silver Star Story Complete



I originally wanted to make this costume to cosplay with one of my first cosplaying buddies. We both were obsessed with Lunar. Sadly, he could not make the con with his Ghaleon.

All that aside, I met some of the coolest cosplayers wearing this costume, so I can't complain at all!

This is the very first costume I made completely from scratch, and finished. (My Harley Quinn is still far from finished)

Hat is made from an old stocking cap, covered in the same black fabric (4-way Stretch Satin! Arg!) as the boots for consistency. The 'wings' on the hat were made from clothing hangers, biase tape that I made out of the same fabric as my cloak and craft foam.
The front and back piece are made out of craft foam with model magic for the jem.

The cloak was made so its machine washable seeing as its white and it drags on the floor some. I still need to think of the best method for putting her black stripes on the front. The pendent is made from craftfoam.

The bra was the hardest part next to the hat. I used coat hangers and electrical tape to make an under wire like on a normal bra. I then wrapped it in the same white as the cloak, then added interfacing to the front and back for shape, then covered that with purple fabric. I still need to add in a seam to the middle... or just remake it in general. I have some ideas as to how I would. I used fishing line to hold it on and some spirit glue. I had to adjust it like a halter top ALOT.

The Swimsuit and panties are made from swimsuit material.

The leggings were covers for an awesome pair of boots I had that had a pointed toe just like Althena's. All the armor was made from Craftfoam, which I quickly learned I need to either make more sturdy or learn to fiberglass because its not very high quality and cracks easy.

All the red jewelry and jems were made with model magic for consistency.

I worked very hard on this costume to improve my sewing skills. I pulled out stitches and re-did stitches a ton. I'm quite proud of this costume, but I think in the future, I plan on showing much less skin... well... unless I do Armitage...


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Series Lunar: Silver Star Story Complete
Character Dark Goddess Althena


pepe_rei yay lunar is teh awsome! are you going to be wearing this to acen?