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The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess



This costume was a nightmare, but I must say, I learned a lot while making it (not to mention the art of patience!) The dress has eight kick pleats, and is made out of ivory bridal satin. The bodice is a lovely purple taffeta, and the gloves were made out of two way stretch moleskin suede.

All of the designs on the dress, apron/panel, gloves, and bodice were embroidered and then beaded. It took forever!!! For example, I outlined each of the designs on the bottom of the dress with tiny gold seed beads, and filled the designs with crystal ones. It was...painstaking. And it's really heavy (but in a satisfying way!)

The tiara, "breastplate", and belt were made out of good, old fashioned sculpy. I highly recommend purchasing sculpy tools if you want to get good results with that stuff! It was a pretty fun medium to work with, as it turned out.

The armor, possibly the largest pain in the butt of this costume (other than the wig), was made out of a cardboard base, which was cast in paper mache. Then, I glued cording to the base, covered THAT in paper mache, and finally coated everything with lots and lots of paper clay. When I was done with these preliminary steps, the fun task of sanding everything down, touching up places that were lacking in paper clay, painting, and antiqueing came about. This was a painful process, to say the least. I used a special type of powdered metal that you can mix using water (I think) to create paint (my mom is a professional muralist, otherwise I wouldn't know about this stuff). It created a nice, shimmery effect. Finally, I coated my armor with polyurethane, which not only protects it from the elements, but adds the the whole "glimmery, armor effect). I'm happy with the way my armor turned out! The lower pieces are connected with hinges that I hand-made out of wire, so my armor actually moves and is very flexible.

The wig is a monstrosity; it has tons and tons of hair extensions sewn into the back of it. The two "braids" (even though they aren't braids) in the front were tricky. This will probably not make much sense, but I had to thread yarn through the base of the wig, make felt bases to attach to the yarn, and then cover everything with hair extensions. And put hair extensions in the front of the wig. Not fun...

Um, what else...there's so much to say about this costume...I made the sword in two days; it was really easy. Um...I'm 5'10" in this costume...oh, I bought my elf ears from Aradani studios (though I painted them separately)! Their products are amazing! I highly recommend them! There's probably more, but I can't really think of anything else right now, lol.


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Series The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess
Character Princess Zelda


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Schattenflamme beautiful Zelda =)

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ilusiorama Dear God, this is the best Zelda cosplay I've ever saw!

Wuffin amazing!

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