Train Baron




Yui convinced me to buy a pile of fabric during a sale, when I had simply remarked that 'if I were to ever do a steampunk costume, I'd surprise everyone and make it pink.'

After doing some actual research I found out that pink was a fairly manly color back in the day, so my surprise was somewhat deflated. However, I actually finished the outfit so what can I say.

Here is the design I drew up after purchasing the fabric:

I stayed pretty true to the original concept, except for the fact that I'm wider than I wish I was on paper. Unfortunately, I can't change that part. Not unless I break a few ribs, which I'm not doing.

No, not even for cosplay.

So, to wrap up...outfit designed, patterned, and constructed by me.

Yay! I still do stuff! And its not all Kingdom Hearts!

(PS--The Train Baron thing is a lie. In actuality, I STOLE the trains...yeah. And the airship, too.)


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Lurrdoc Very good planning and design lead to such a very awesome outfit for steampunk cosplay. I'm impressed. The colors really stand out. I also love the idea that the baron took over the trains. xD

Nightengale37 Very cool costume, the whole outfit is lovely and all your shots are wonderful. Great that you could take these shots with such awesome trains!