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I was asked to be part of a Shadow Lady group (with SL in her default outfit and expert forms: Bunny, Cat, Bird, and Bee) by the most amazing cosplayers out there, including sweet HaruVamp ^_^ Needless to say, as I'm also a Masakazu Katsura fan, I didn't hesitate a minute... and it was so much fun! Everyone went crazy about our costumes, and I was surprised to see how many people at the con knew the series, even though it's pretty old and was never published in Germany.

I procrastinated a bit (a lot) as I was so busy with my other costumes and I was not too excited about making this costume - sewing all those pipings and details onto a 100% vinyl dress was a pain! I kept working on it until the morning of the last day of the con, but I didn't finish all the details (mainly those on her boots.) Fortunately, no one noticed and black is a very forgiving color... But I'll fix it for a private photoshoot soon.

The wig was fun to style, oh how I love Amphigory wigs *.* It's my favorite part of the costume, along with the cute little wings which I think came out great, just as I'd imagined them. Oh, and I love the gloves! First time I used the Vogue pattern instead of my own, and it paid off immediately. The stretch vinyl I used for the gloves, boot covers, and pipings is amazing, makes things look sooo smexy^^

Cost: EUR 170 / USD 230


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