Fate/Stay Night



this was mi first time experimenting with a long wig.. and I must admit.... Itwas a disaster.. I seriously wanted the world to explode (no.. i´m just kidding..) the day of the con my wig turned into a massive tangled mess I was about to throw away and buy a new one for the next con.. but I´m really poor ... and cheap... so i spent nights and nights on the internet finding tutorials to fix it.. and I did haha!! .. I still can´t believe I did it but ohh well I had a lot of fun.. and next time i´ll think it twice when I wear a ubber-long wig to a con.. at least i´ll be more careful now.. or i´ll get slaughtered by my friends who also tried to help me the day of the con >> photos by Oskar Vega


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Series Fate/Stay Night
Character Rider


Angeal very awesome cosplay you look great

Chocobo chic very pretty rider!

Keysersolze very nice indeed. great job

~Rainbow-Wisp~ you have her personality perfect in these photos!!

MDA Epic RIder cosplay! I plan to have her for July~! but an alternate costume...

dukebell sexy rider :)

kawaiilove WOW! So gooooood! The poses are awesome as well in the pics. LOVE IT.

Sharingan Tony Your rider is the best I've seen on cosplay.com so far ^_^