Ada Wong (Assignment Ada)

Resident Evil 4



This project was really rushed and during the most crucial time of construction I received a call from home, telling me that my uncle is dying of brain cancer and only has a few more months of life. I was really disheartened and didn't manage to make/buy all of Ada's accessories but I am glad that I did not give up. Thank you to the wonderful RE cosplayers at AWA 2009; you really lifted my spirits!
The tactical vest was created from a recycled windbreaker jacket and headliner foam was used at the back and shoulders. The sunglasses were purchased from Wal-Mart and painted metallic red. I also had to custom dye the webbing straps because none of the sewing stores I visited had any in olive green.


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Series Resident Evil 4
Character Ada Wong (Assignment Ada)
Variant Assignment Ada


Gummibar Looks great. I'm sorry you had to finish it under such depressing times. :,(

BlitzFox Tactical Ada for the win! You looked amazing at the convention! :D

Perrydotto Well done take on Ada! Thumbs up!

tamahomegurl Yay for Ada love!!! Good job on every aspect!! You look freaking awesome!!!!