This costume to make went very smoothly, as Vogue jacket pattern with the alteration at the collar, other pattern for the china doll top and the hat was fun to make.

Wig is a Cosworx Ivy with in Gray a with very little cleanup trimming. the bangs took a time to style. I can see through the bangs enough to get around.

The boots a pair of Pleaser Gogo boots in wide width! To bad I didn't have time to breaking them in for the Con. My feet were swollen for 4 days afterward.

Things I'm missing it the black "claws". I did have press on nails but they didn't stay on at all ... and they are not functional at all to wear.

Missing the scare on my nose but I didn't want to brink it down and then try to taking it off in the washroom later at the MTCC. I was also a bit tired as well O.o

As seen on Fanboy Confessional cosplay edition (the ending) lol


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Series Kuroshitsuji
Character Undertaker


Masenkohuh great undertaker! very nicely done!

Romaine Aw, you make the Undertaker look so cute! xD

WARPAINTandUnicorns I used a suiting fabric for everything. It was a polyester blend, I'm not sure it was cotton or wool it was blended with. It has a nice drape to but I recommend using one with a higher natural fiber count since my sewing machine didn't like working with it due to slip.

MDA Now I have a better idea for how to do the hat! Since I can't find my pattern for top hats and witch has anymore. What do you recommend for material? As in the fabric for the cosplay.

Seena-Cha Awwww this is a really good undertaker cosplay =D nice work cB

WARPAINTandUnicorns I use Got2B Glued hair spray for all my wigs, nothing else will hold that shape other than Joico JoiMist® Firm spray.

WARPAINTandUnicorns With a lot of patience honestly. I didn't have to trim them at all other than a few flyaway's. I broke up the bangs into 6 sections and curved one section at a time.

cosplayernoob I got the same wig as u from undertaker. What did u do to style the bangs the way they are

Sephirayne That is an awesome Undertaker. I love the job you did on the wig and hat. XXX

SpazzyKat Great job!!! ^ o ^ i love the undertaker!!!