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I decided I wanted to be KOS-MOS right after Animazement 2009. I've loved KOS-MOS for years upon years. It needs to be done. I haven't gotten too far yet, but I'm getting there.

I bought a white one-piece swimsuit a couple months ago for this and I finally installed the zipper today, lolz.

I plan to have this costume done by the end of this month.
The wig was purchased in early march from Cosworx (a white Ivy wig), and it was dyed with 2 PLAIN BLUE (not light blue) sharpies in about 22 oz. of 70% alcohol.
The "helmet/visor" was made from a transluscent plastic headband (used as a base to hold it on), and craft foam. I sealed the foam with Mod Podge, painted it, and then went over it with Mod Podge again. The hip pieces/butt torpedoes" were made with foam and painted and coated the same way.
The abs, spine, and details were created with craft foam and acrylic painted by hand.
The gloves were made with no pattern. I traced around my hand and the sewed. Simple.
The arm armor has not been painted yet, but it has been made. It is 100% craft foam as well. Boot covers are currently in the process over a pair of plain leather 3 1/2" heel pumps.
The abs, spine, skirt, hip pieces, butt torpedoes, and details are all attached to the one-piece. I still need the three strips (2 gold, 1 blue) that are on each side of the one-piece. The "collar" also needs to be attached. Gold decorations are being made from craft foam. Pictures will follow in a couple of hours!

EDIT: This costume was very weak and is pretty much destroyed at this point. I am still a beginning cosplayer, and this makes me sad, but I learned.


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Series Xenosaga Episode I
Character KOS-MOS


Ninbri would you ever sell it? :3

Kyasaren I'm amazed you were able to even MAKE KOS-MOS! I am so scared to even though she's one of my dream costumes. For that I applaud you, plus you looked so confident and proud in it, you rocked it.

-Yuriko- Don't give up! It cost me 2 failed attempts to make my KOS-MOS costume.. I hated how they turned out, and felt so sad too. But I love the character so much and decided to give it another shot. And finally, it worked! I just had to gather more experience, and learned from previous mistakes. - I think - as far as I can tell from the photos - you did a very good job on the helmet, fits well (it's one of the hardest parts imo, hard to get right - for me, the real nightmare were the abs).