The Hunchback of Notre Dame



Esmeralda has always been one of my favorite Disney girls since the movie came out. But I always felt self-conscious about being so pale when it came to wanting to cosplay her. Finally I just decided to go for it though.

Now for some details. I altered and used McCalls pattern 5446 for her top. and I think McCalls 4109 for the skirt. I made the petticoat over a year ago so I don't remember on that one. I drafted the pattern for my waist cincher which I am honestly not all too happy with. This is only the first time I feel I've been let down by plastic boning though. So I guess its not all bad and a good learning experience if nothing else when it comes to the waist cincher. I think I also tried to get a little too adventurous with the fabric and used taffeta for the outside of the cincher, which I got on sale from I painted some wooden bracelets from Hobby Lobby for this because I just couldn't find similar enough ones otherwise. Earring were bought at Payless while I was picking up shoes for a different costume. The coins on the sash came from And I'd originally bought the dark purple fabric for her sash for a Kingdom Hearts version of Princess Aurora that I never made. The pink silk came from Gail K's which is an awesome shop here in Atlanta. The wig is a Roll With It style from And I got my cute gold sandals on sale at Target. Yeah I know Esmeralda doesn't wear shoes, but I'm not about to run around a con barefoot.


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Series The Hunchback of Notre Dame
Character Esmeralda


machell65 hi there do you make this costume for other people?

Sana-san Haha, I tried to run around a con barefoot when I was her and got yelled at. I'm gonna look for that shirt pattern now, I think it might look better in the end than mine. teehee.