ParnsAngel as Chii (Original Design)

Chii (Original Design)


Cosplayer: ParnsAngel
Well, since 'Shlee made a wonderful Chii costume out of scraps (see the other Chii costume in this section ^^ ) I thought I'd take a crack at it as well -- I had a buuunch of lavender fabric and some random chunks of white satin, so I set to makin whatever popped in my head at the moment ^^

I screwed up royally on a few things, but then I fudged so you can't see it so much ^_~ The skirt especially, I didn't have enough continuous satin for it, so I had to keep goin back and adding in panels to get it to look right!!

But all in all, I think it turned out allright, whether or not it'll actually go to a con is still up in the air! ^^;;