Takeshi Yamamoto 山本 武




Orange Jumper Reborn! The one illustration that inspired many many cosplays @[email protected]

Shuui is the biggest fan and initiates this project with Asterisk* She also took up the role of 'casting' us into the characters which are all familiar to us, its a matter of who would like to cosplay as which XD

Orange jumper from yahoo.jp so that the same style can fit all of our friends of many build XD we met to splatter paint, Shuui spent the most time on this project - very passion-driven! I am most grateful.

Gloves, paint brushes, goggles, gas masks, spray cans and location recce courtesy of Shuui & banditYing!!! <3

I love the location, it is a perfect setting for the nature of our costumes. I feel like I belong to part of a baseball team when we wore the same thing together and walked to our location of shoot ^^

Reborn love <3


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Series manga/Anime
Character Takeshi Yamamoto &#23665;&#26412; &#27494;
Variant Illustration-Only


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