Much like the comics, this costume, while my personal favorite, has gone through a LOT of changes!

I decided for Katsucon of 2009, I would change my Scarecrow costume to resemble his look from the comics to provide a more detailed look for the group meetup rather then simply revive the old Batman Begins one I have.

The only thing I saved was the mask, which was used for this one as well. Buying an old button-down gray shirt and trousers, along with an old tan trenchcoat I'll be dying a darker brown at goodwill was the start. I also got some old ropes to tie around myself to make me look thinner and have the costume more resemble the style the Scarecrow wore in the comics. The gloves are made from a leather dropcloth, and the boot covers are made from scraps of an old leather coat, also held in place with ropes and bands.

The hat is made from a Harry Potter "sorting hat" that can be found at most halloween stores, and altered by removing the patches and adding a band of leather, with lacing in the front.

The scythe, which I'm really proud of, was made of PVC pipe and a plastic "rusty cutter" blade I found at a halloween store. I used a heat gun to get the curve and shape on the PVC, and spray-painted the handle brown, adding a light spray of "stone texture" to give it a more used and gritty look; and wrapped leather around the top to add to the authenticity.

This year, I've significantly altered the costume. Worn brown pants which are being trimmed and stitched, along with a fabric tunic I made with tattered sleeves and a longsleeve light-brown shirt. The gloves and boots are bound with stretchy fabric 'bandaging' and I added a tattered cloak that goes down the back.

With its final look, the cloak was ditched as it was too dark and made it hard to see my legs and hands in photos. I've added wrappings around the legs and now switch between a scythe and easier-to-carry hand sickles, and returned to the smaller, easier to manage noose for the mask.

2013: Scarecrow's look has been changed again, gaining a glove and mask more resembling what he had in Arkham Asylum, though with a few of my own touches. The glove is made from a shin guard, leather, pipette droppers. vinyl tubing, and nickel tubes.


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skulldouggary Not too many of this version around, you did it justice!

TallestSilver I love how you found the perfect balance of sophistication from being Professor Crane and horror and creepiness of the Scarecrow. It works SO well. <3

fabribolo really nice cosplay! since you are like me fan of batman I invite you to see my cosplay movie (trailer) I hope you like it and congratulations again for your cosplay, great job ^ ^

cloudwarrior your Scarecrow is amazing!!! sweet job man^^

Uzumaki Kira Hiiii! It's Harley! Your costume is amazing, and I'm soo glad I got a pic with you!