Utena Tenjou

Revolutionary Girl Utena



A long-time favorite series. I have done Utena cosplay in the past as the movie version of Juri (my other favorite character) but I don't really have any pictures of it and it was wig-less and kind of ghetto.... Anyway, I just wanted to do the regular school uniform version. Everyone does the "duelist" but I just wanted to be "regular girl" Utena cause that's how I liked her best.

The jacket was made from a girls' jumper dress pattern because the seams were in the perfect places. Once we figured all that out it was pretty easy. The hardest part was finding four gold buttons that were the same! Oh, and getting the wig... the one I ordered didn't arrive in time for Anime Matsuri, so I bought one at the con that looked pretty similar and cut it myself while it was on my head. The intended wig arrived shortly after, and it was much better!


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Series Revolutionary Girl Utena
Character Utena Tenjou


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