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I've seen a lot of people trying to do this... And I've honestly been really really conflicted with how I'd like to portray it. Because you have to keep quintessential Harley, and you have to think about what aspects are going to be played up, and which would be played down in a Nolan setting... I personally think that he would focus a lot more on the "addicted to Mistah J" aspect of it... She'd be a little messier, a little crazier, a little more on edge... but you can't forget her roots. She was brilliant, and she is a full grown woman. I've seen a lot of designs with the pleated miniskirts, and converse, and they just seem to ignore that aspect of her... it doesn't register as Harley to me, because there has to be that contradiction. She may be ditzy and adorable, but she's NOT stupid, and she's NOT a teenager with a crush. She's a full grown woman addicted to the Joker like crack... Which is why I went for the more 'adult' look... I did it with full red and black pieces, and hand dyed the black on the red pieces, and bleached and dyed red on the black pieces, because I think that slightly messy look works-and compliment Mistah J's look ^^ I'd still do the white makeup, have it a lot neater than J's, but do the black around the eyes all smudged up and almost always look like she's been crying, but always smiling anyways, with nice clean lipstick... I really tried to keep the Harlequin aspect of it, because having a character named Harley Quinn without a Harlequin motif just seems kinda wierd to me ^^;;;; And then, instead of the hood, do a red and black beat up jester hat, with blonde hair showing underneath. ^^


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Amarie This is completely awesome.

Stevi This is simply lovely. I can't stop looking at it it's so wonderfully done. Great job! =D

Enasni I've got to say, I usually hate all "Nolanverse" Harleys I come across, and and strongly against her even being in his universe to begin with. But you make it work. You keep her Harley. Not some grunged up teen with safety pins and patchy clothes. She may look different, but she's still Harley. I really like this a lot. (Probably also because both you and your Joker's makeup is done so well, kudos on that.) [:

fabribolo really nice cosplay! since you are like me fan of batman I invite you to see my cosplay movie (trailer) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zyPN37JMtS8 I hope you like it and congratulations again for your cosplay, great job ^ ^

the diesel Best take on harley ive ever seen

FelinaofL2 I really like this take on Harley, it's a great balance between her "cute" side and her being an adult.

carladawn Cute makeup!

Namor Very cool take on Harley. You obviously sunk a lot of creative energy into this, and it shows. Great job!