Tifa Lockheart

Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII

In the past, I'd seen a few die-hard Tifa cosplayers attempt Tifa's "Mountain Guide" outfit - a cowgirl-esque ensemble which she wears as a teenager in Nibelhiem during flashback sequences in Final Fantasy VII. However, I found the design rather boring and the outfit, which appears for all of five minutes in the original game, excessively obscure. However, the game's recent prequel, Final Fantasy VII: Crisis Core, focuses on this period in the story's timeline, and Tifa's more prominent role in the Nibelheim incident was reflected in her upgraded wardrobe. I thought the redesigned outfit was fantastic; when Gale decided to do the Crisis Core version of Aeris and Another Anime Con announced that their 2008 theme was "Go West!" I decided it was the perfect time to cowgirl-ify Tifa.
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Series Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII
Character Tifa Lockheart

ChocoboxDreamer I haven't seen very many people do the Crisis Core version of Tifa... I think you pulled it off excellently!