The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess



Woo! So, this is the first Cosplay.com featured costume I have concrete pieces on.

I bought my bodysuit from http://stores.ebay.com/JTA-ENT...I'd recommend from now on to go to a store with custom fittings). This bodysuit needed only minor alteration...the legs were too long XD But still, as I see the effects of the fabric's fit from the paint I may make a few more tweaks, which I don't mind: whatever it takes for perfection! :D

Here's where we are so far:
-Suit delivered
-Leg length altered
-Hood altered. I may still take it off completely though.
-Black/White stenciled all over
-Front white painted
-Front Spikes fixed
-Back White painted

Here's what still needs done:
-Finishing coat on all white (Touch-ups now also)
-Runes: stencil, flat-paint, dimension-paint
-Any suit shape alterations
-Helmet and hair-fist wire frame
-Helmet form assembled, details added
-Hairfist plastered and yarned
-Leather soles on feet

I tried for the most extensive explanation needed on my progress pictures so far. Still questions? Feel free to ask!~

UPDATE: read my last comment below! O-o


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Series The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess
Character Midna
Variant Cursed/Imp Form


sanfordcam What kind of paint did you use? (that we shouldnt) and what would you now reccomend? :P<3

Humbi Okay, I TOTALLY want to warn anyone who looks at this costume about the paint I used. IT TURNED PURPLE DURING STORAGE! (In short, it's ruined and I have to start over)

Adlez-AxeL LOOK GREAT this far XD

Humbi Thanks so much for your praise :3 My reasoning for white paint, though, was pretty thought-out. White paint can't fade, and reflects all light so the coat looks more even. I'm already at paint coat 5 so I won't dare put any more paint on it or it might not fit anymore XD Though, if I remade the suit, I'd be dying a black suit to save the fabric's consistency ;P

kiss_the_stars wow! this piece of work its looking very good so far! i cant wait to see it finish!!! i notices you did it on black and then added the white! thats a first i seen! i hope in the sun it dosent fade. you should try and check it first, maybe you could add another coat of pain or something. am inspired to continue mine as well!! keep it up lovely! best luck miyu